Upgrade all Types of E -bikes  into Professional Delivery Machines.

How to ensure the security of an e-bike that sells at a much higher price than a regular bike?

Get a professional e-locking and tracking solution that is tailored to your delivery vehicle, thanks to our guided integration process.

How to make sure your product is IoT ready?

Increase your product value by upgrading to a connected vehicle with data security.

How to respond to a fast-changing delivery vehicle market?

Base your future product development on vehicle data, by analyzing force impact and telemetry information.

Upgrade your e-bikes with the most efficient IoT connected locking and tracking system, made in Europe. 

Odoo CMS- Sample image floating

Up to 3 e-locks included

CAN bus port

Drivetrain shutdown

CAN bus port

Multiple device sizes

Secure data communication

Odoo CMS- Sample image floating

Vehicle sensor data

Vehicle statistics

Live location

GDPR compliance

Fleet management

Remote access control


E-Locking for Vehicle and Box

Choose from a range of e-locks
Secure vehicle and cargo boxes with one system

Keyless Access

Easy locking and unlocking by pushing a button
Vehicle access with contactless key or app
Cloud management for lost contactless keys

Internet of Things

Worldwide deployable
Encrypted data transmission
Fast communication with the cloud


Choose from multiple device shapes and sizes
Internal or external integration in the vehicle frame
Design and integration support team


Vehicle Telemetry

Odometer, altitude, and voltage data
Force impact recognition
Custom sensors on demand
Vehicle logs

Track and Trace

Real-time location
Vehicle routes history

Fleet management

Access management
Drive train and battery status
Custom feature development on demand


Get a competitive advantage with the PAZTIR® professional locking and tracking solution.