To compete with vans cargo bikes must match on features

In an efficiency-driven market like logistics, where leading companies need real-time data processing and analysis to keep pace with customer demands, light electric vehicles need to be more than emission-free vehicles to truly compete with the van.

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Paztir targets OEM market to professionalise the cargo bike

“Last mile operators are telling us that with standard cargo bikes alone, it’s not possible to build a serious delivery operation in today’s market. They need connected vehicles, with access management, data security and oversight of the whole fleet. In other words; they need IoT.” 

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Paztir IoT product brings fleet management and security to the cargo world 

How to use modern technology to maintain a competitive edge, save time and money.

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Interview with Paztir CEO Andrej Sobotkiewicz 

"I consider ownership as a key need of our ecosystem and access management as the most vital part of exercising ownership rights." 

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Collaboration with New Dutch Cargo Bike Brand Cargo Cycling

Cargo Cycling is a new brand equipped with Paztir Technologies that offers secure cargo cycling solutions for urban transport in the 'last-mile delivery' industry. 

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Electronic Parking Brake launch

ICBF veteran PAZTIR has always been about making cycle logistics faster and easier. At this year's International Cargo Bike Festival they will officially launch their latest innovation; the Electronic Parking Brake. It features two world firsts for the cargo bike market. 

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Simple Lock Automation

Simple Lock Automation - See how some of the most used locks in Cycle Logistics work when used in combination with Paztir. This is a demonstration of an AXA E-RL bike lock and a Southco container lock, both automated with a Paztir device.


Electric Parking Brake

PAZTIR launches first of its kind cargo-bike-specific disc brake parking lock. Designed to secure cargo bikes making short stops, the Electric Parking Brake is an unobtrusive and easy to use immobilizer for cargo and delivery bikes.

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International Cargo Bike Festival 2019

PAZTIR will be exhibiting at  ICBF2019, for the first time in Groningen, alongside Urban Arrow,  Gleam, Radkutsche, Velove, and other leaders in the cargo-bike market. 


Centralized Locking

Centralized Locking for LEV/cargo-bikes. Access all locks and vehicle batteries from one device.

Move London

Andrej Sobotkiewicz, PAZTIR's CEO, will be speaking at 3.55 pm, 13th Feb in the Urban Supply Chain stream. Meet us at @ExCeL London 👋 

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Loliner's New  Cargo Box 

Loliner's new large cargo-box equipped with Paztir ⚡

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Remote Vehicle Disabling

PAZTIR equipped cargo-bikes are safer, thanks to remote vehicle disabling.

This feature enables you to turn off a vehicle from a remote location. If you are already using the PAZTIR system, you can request this feature at All new orders will have this feature available.